Session im Rahmen des IMC Leeds 2021 am 05.07.2021 (virtuell)

Nasty weather is – in a pre-modern understanding – meaningful, a sort of communication between micro- and macrocosm. This big idea receives a very concise form in German short epics dealing with nasty weather: Similar to a burning lense, pre-modern short epics are telling about the cosmological correspondence between nasty weather, god, and human kind in the smallest spaces. Inconspicuous occurances are meeting the big picture – a fascinating imbalance.

Speaker a)          Alyssa Steiner: „It’s Always Sunny in Narragonia – Meterological Foolishness in Sebastian Brant’s Ship of Fools“

Speaker b)          Silvan Wagner: „Behave yourself in bad weather! The fable „Affe und Esel“ and it’s versions of correspondence between micro- and macrocosmos.“

Speaker c)          Raoul Du Bois: „It’s Raining Again…: Bad Weather in Wernher Schodoler’s (jun.) diary.“


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